there’s nothing here for you except death.


i’m actually pretty cool just give me like 5 tries to get it right


make me choosewhenitsrealucantwalkaway - Damon or Ian?

Harry + Collage Book

The girl who runs ran with wolves


rise again from ashes, to create myself  a n e w

GET TO KNOW ME MEME → [1/5]  Favorite male characters

↳ Stiles Stilinski

"I’m 147 pounds of pale skin and fragile bones. Sarcasm is my only defense."


If I ever get pregnant I think this is how I will break the news


With Harry Styles you either get thisimage

Or thisimage

there is no in between. 


in honor of the fourth anniversary of one direction, a moment of silence for everything else i could have been doing with my life




[23-07-2014] Happy Birthday Sauce ♥

i’m sorry for the lousy coloring, hahaha it was hard only using one layer.

i’m just a 13 year old amateur drawer sobsobsob

ahh well, i’m just gonna crawl up in a ball and sit in a corner 

YOOO this is perfect okay! So much better than I could do at thirteen better than I can do now It’s super cute!

yoyoyoo, u flatter me ///,

but lbr your art is way more original and colorful than mines, i like it!


Not gonna lie… this did things to me.